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Dr. Tim Thompson

Although Pastor Tim was born in Kentucky, he spent his childhood and teen years in Indiana. He was fortunate to attend a church with an active youth group and committed his life to The Lord as a young teen. After high school, he attended Indiana University and Indian River Community College in Florida. Returning to Indiana, Tim then met his wife, Monica. He felt the call to preach while establishing two businesses in Indiana, but continued to run from “the call”. After many years of running from “the call”, Tim finally listened, and worked to receive a Doctor of Theology degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary. Since then, Tim has pastored a church in Indiana and two churches in Alabama. He has just completed a 6-month interim position in Alabama as well, making his total time in the ministry almost 20 years. Tim plans to take courses with the New Orleans Theological Seminary in the near future. He and his wife, Monica, have been blessed with 2 daughters, Moriah and Lily.

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